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Exceptionally, the annual subscription fee applied is only $ 60 plus taxes for companies with less than 100 employees and $ 250 plus taxes for companies with 100 employees or more.

An organization can become a Member of mmode if it is part of the value chain of the fashion industry, is interested in the industry and subscribes to mmode’s mission. It must be a Québec organization, with headquarters and doing business in Québec.

The Member organization will assign one representative who will have the right to vote at mmode’s assemblies.

If you have any questions about your eligibility, please contact us at


Our organization would like to join mmode, the metropolitan fashion Cluster, and take advantage of the benefits. In turn, I will pay a membership fee for the period ending December 31st of the current year.


Please select the category that represents the most important part of your business activities.

Other Pilar : association, organization, event planning, marketing/PR agency, modeling agency, journalist, blogger, influencer, training institution, technology service provider, etc.

Contact information of the company representative who will have the right to vote at assemblies

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