In November 2016, during the first meeting of the mmode Industry Image Working Group, the industry players on the committee expressed the wish to define a singular signature for our sector in order to encourage commitment around Montréal fashion and its style. It was the birth of our rallying cry: #mtlstyle.





Montréal is not a perfect city, but it's a unique city. What makes it interesting is its authenticity, its joie de vivre, its openness.

Its beauty is reflected in all its murals that color our streets. In its mismatched architecture. In its depanneurs here time sometimes seems to stand still. In its alley that one does not tire of exploring. In its restaurants that could not exist elsewhere.

And even in its flaws.

Potholes, construction, orange cones, endless winters, slush.

Flaws that have charm.

So we own them. We highlight them and we make them our pride.


The Montréal Style is like our city: distinct, spontaneous, imperfect.

Distinct, because it comes from all the cultural collisions that make Montreal unique.

Spontaneous, because we have to deal with unpredictable weather conditions.

And imperfect, because it does not enter any box; because Montrealers value risk, trial, error.

And it's so much better.

Because ...


Unique is the new Perfect.


In a Montréal fashion context, the phrase represents a desire to celebrate originality, daring and inspiration beyond conformity and monotony.

In a broader social context, it also represents a desire to celebrate diversity.




More than a hashtag :

A nod to textile fiber, to the art of weaving

A symbol of the crossing of styles

A representation of the mmode Cluster as a crossroads of Montréal fashion




Celebrate with us. Follow us. Share your #mtlstyle.  



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