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Former Pasadena resident Amanda Moss promotes sustainable, ethical fashion through her clothing | The Western Star | March 27t 2018

Montreal fashioner designer Amanda Moss looks through a rack of her clothing. Moss grew up in Pasadena.

Montreal fashioner designer Amanda Moss looks through a rack of her clothing. Moss grew up in Pasadena. - Submitted

About six years ago, Amanda Moss was enjoying success as a fashion designer in Montreal, but the woman who grew up in Pasadena was becoming disenchanted with the fast-paced rat race that didn’t feel creative to her anymore.

So, she took a little time off and considered giving it up.

“But in the end, I just woke up one morning and felt incredibly inspired. I could see it. I could see my brand and I could imagine how it was going to work.”

She launched that self-titled independent brand of ethical fashion in 2013.

Fashion is a tough industry and a wasteful one, Moss said recently while chatting by phone from her home in Montreal.

Amanda Moss is an eco-friendly brand born out of the waste she’s seen in the industry and her own journey with fashion, and how she would like it to change.

It took her until Christmas of that first year to put out her first products, a small line of five styles with a couple of each size.

And the company has been enjoying steady growth ever since.

“It grows at its own pace, and I like it that way,” she said.

Her customers are in the age demographic of between 30 and 45.
That’s a time when Moss thinks women start to realize it’s not every piece in their closet that they are going to want to wear for a long time.

Then there’s the pieces that they only bought because they were on sale and a year later sit in the closet, never worn.

“I just learned as a consumer and as a person that I didn’t want that. I didn’t want to own that much clothing and have nowhere to put it,” she said.

“I don’t try to give people the latest thing. I try to give them things that I think that they’re going to be able to wear for 10 years. And not only will it last 10 years, it won’t go out of style.”

For her it’s about making use of what you have and smart consumerism.

“Buying less, but buying better,” she said.

And that’s the movement she’s trying to be part of.

“At the end of the day I have to feel good about what I’m doing.” 

So, she not only designs the clothes, she wears them.

“It’s through wearing it that I can truly make it better,” she said.

“I’m making these better products and people are coming back to me.”

Year after year, she said, they can see how many times they’ve worn an item and how well it works with what she puts out the next year.

“That’s another part of sustainable ethical fashion, is just the continual wardrobe building,” she said.

By injecting one new piece, everything becomes new.


This Stella wrap dress was designed by Amanda Moss. More of her clothing line can be seen online at amandamoss.ca.

This Stella wrap dress was designed by Amanda Moss. More of her clothing line can be seen online at amandamoss.ca.


From Pasadena to Montreal


Amanda Moss never started out to be a fashion designer.

It wasn’t for lack of skill or creativity, though.

“I just didn’t completely understand that as an industry,” she said.

Born in Buchans, Moss grew up in Pasadena. After graduating from high school in 1998, she headed to Montreal, where she has lived for nearly 20 years.

“French was a reason to come here,” she said with a laugh.

Like her friends, she had registered for university.

“But also, kind of hoping that I would make it work and just move to Montreal.”

She had studied French at the University of Montreal in a summer program for high school students between Level 2 and 3, and again after Level 3. During that final summer she realized she could continue with the program during the regular school year.

Her interest in French came after she had spent the Grade 5 school year in Chicoutimi in 1990 while her mother, Wanda Gushue, taught there.

Still, Moss thought she was on the path to becoming a teacher, following in her mother’s and her grandparents’ footsteps.

But she also had it in her mind to take a year off.

“I didn’t feel compelled to rush into university.”

After a year, she started to want more and to see ads for programs and jobs under the needle trade in the Montreal newspapers — things like sewers, pattern makers, assistant designers and head designers.

Feeling it was a possibility that she could pursue, Moss enrolled in the International Academy of Design and Technology.

Her first job was as an assistant designer for Dex Clothing, followed by four years as head designer for Garage Clothing.

He last job, working for someone else, was with Covet.

It was the first brand in Montreal to take an interest in eco-fashion, pieces made out of bamboo and cotton with a minimalist style.

That job became a launch pad into what she does now with her own brand, Amanda Moss.

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