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Big projects lie ahead for the mmode Cluster in 2018!

The very essence of a cluster rests on the innovative nature of the industry it represents. This first report of 2018 is consequently an ideal opportunity to look back at our journey so far, and look ahead to the concrete, innovative projects that await the mmode Cluster members in the coming months.


In 2017, the first action plans were drawn up and implemented by each of our four Working Groups. Together, the Working Group members, administrative team and various partners of the mmode Cluster carried out sometimes rather ambitious projects of concrete relevance to the issues facing our industry. We were very proud to end the year by completing all our deliverables, as well as a host of other concurrent projects that are contributing to the growth of the Montréal fashion industry. Continuing with this impetus, major projects are in store for us in 2018.


Human Resources Working Group

On March 20, during the RH Mode career fair, the launch of the long-awaited Diagnostic des besoins en main-d’œuvre et adéquation formation-emploi, a report whose solutions will serve to enrich the action plans of the Human Resources Working Group. Since the know-how and the quality of our workforce will play a key role in the longivity and prosperity of the fashion industry over the coming decades, we have hired consulting firm Aviseo to accompany us in an approach that will lead to the identification of global strategies for our sector, from a 2030 Horizon perspective. These concrete solutions will be listed in a White Paper in 2018. With already 9 subcommittees formed among the members of the Working Group, and many waiting to start, the multiple projects will be in good hands throughout 2018.


Export Working Group

This coming February 12 to 14, we will proudly be present at the culmination of a long-term project driven by the Export Working Group, when more than 60 companies will gather in Las Vegas to promote the excellence of the Québec fashion industry on the US market. In 2018, the Europe subcommittee will establish its action plan leading to a first concrete initiative in the coming year, while the Digital subcommittee will look into seeking funding for the completion of the Digital Export Guide. Meanwhile, the Working Group committee continues to follow very closely the evolution of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) negotiations.


Industry Image Working Group

For members of the Industry Image Working Group, 2018 will be devoted mainly to the rollout of a local campaign designed to promote and raise the profile of Montréal fashion. It will revolve around #mtlstyle, whose graphic identity was unveiled to the committee last November. Several potential projects will also be explored and evaluated by the committee during the year, such as the establishment of a digital pole, the opening of a living lab and the development of a local certification, not to mention the close collaboration with event organizers to ensure a match between the current offer and the industry’s needs. In 2018, the mmode Cluster will continue to contribute to the industry's outreach through its newsletters, social media and brand new website, as well as maintaining a strong media presence.


Innovation Working Group

The first cohort to come out of the twinning process, a promising project which will be developed in the coming months by the Innovation Working Group, should emerge later this year. Alongside this major initiative involving all the working groups, the mmode Cluster will continue to build partnerships with innovation centres and incubators/accelerators in the Greater Montréal area.

We would like to thank all the mmode Cluster members, board members and partners for their commitment and collaboration. We are also grateful for the leadership of François Roberge (La Vie en Rose), Chair of the Board of Trustees; Claude Marchand (LCI Education), Chair of the Human Resources Working Group; Simon La Rochelle (Royer), Chair of the Export Working Group; Philippe Dubuc (Dubuc), Chair of the Industry Image Working Group; and Jean-Pierre Généreux (ALDO), Chair of the Innovation Working Group.


If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together!


The mmode team