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Alumni Shines at Fondation de la mode Benefit Evening |LaSalle College| May 24th 2018

On May 14, Fondation de la mode de Montréal hosted their 29th fundraising gala at the Palais des Congrès and once again highlighted the incredible talent of graduates from the LaSalle College International School of Fashion, Arts and Design.

This year, Fondation de la mode de Montréal paid an emotional tribute to the extraordinary career of designer Ms. Marie Saint Pierre, a LaSalle College graduate who has cemented her reputation beyond Canadian borders.

Fondation de la mode de Montréal was proud to pay homage to this accomplished designer and to highlight her work as a visionary and manager who is deeply committed to guiding the next generation. Our graduate’s reach extends across continents and decades, a fact the Foundation shed light on while detailing the guest of honor’s career path and her most significant contributions.

Her reach extended to four other LaSalle College graduates, Ivana Araya Espinoza, Camille Lamontagne, Zoé Leroux-Blain and Noémie Vallières, who also shone bright as they each received a scholarship that will allow them to continue pursuing higher education or internships.

Finally, 10 graduates from the LaSalle College International School of Fashion, Arts and Design were invited to the gala, once again highlighted the immense contribution our College makes to the industry’s future.

The attendees were also shown an excerpt from graduates' Signature 2018 fashion show.

Since 1989, the nonprofit Fondation de la mode de Montréal  has supported training and research in the fashion industry to stimulate creativity and better position Montreal as a competitor on the world stage.

Source : http://www.lasallecollege.com/news/fondation-mode-benefit-evening-2018