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#mtlstyle: behind the seams | Ebonie, Student - Compétences-2000

« Fashion design is my passion, the knowledge of a seamstress is essential to the realization of my dream; which is to become a fashion designer. »   Ebonie is currently studying the tailor-made fashion and clothing program at Compétences-2000. Ambitious, passionate and very diligent in everything she does, Ebonie recently had a stimulating and exciting experience as a intern for Marilyne Baril, designer and founder of MARIGOLD Montréal. She was able to confirm her career choice by assisting a successful designer in her daily tasks. To mark her first steps on the Montréal’s fashion scene, Ebonie and her colleagues will create a tailored jacket for Philippe Laprise as part of a collaboration between Compétences-2000 and the Fédération autonome de l’enseignement. Geometric drawing, patronage, tailor-made clothing and accessories are just some of the many skills Ebonie has learned in her professional and technical training to prepare her for a promising career in fashion design!

#mtlstyle: Behind the Seams | Anne-Marie Rostaing - Head of Workshop, Le Grand Costumier

  Anne-Marie has been head of the workshop at Le Grand Costumier since April 2018. Having worked in the field of tourism for more than ten years, she made a 180-degree turn to take a course in tailoring at École des métiers des Faubourgs and to devote herself completely to this passion that has followed her since childhood. In 2015, once her training completed, she obtained sporadic contracts in the theatre industry and did alterations as well as tailor-made in between costume contracts to supplement her income.     She arrived at Le Grand Costumier as a punctual seamstress for the restoration of the collection. While facing the challenge of finding a stable job in tailoring, she planned on returning to working in administration, when an opportunity at Le Grand Costumier presented itself. Her great expertise and her passion have rapidly lead her to go from having a seamstress position to being head of the workshop and since, she is a brilliant resource for the organisation. Today, Anne-Marie coordinates all of the workshop’s projects; from alterations for custom-made tailoring to the restoration of the collection’s costumes.      Credit : Philippe Latour

Changing the Fashion World One Pair of Tights at the Time

The Success Story of From Rachel   Founded in September 2014 by three friends, Mélanie Heyberger, Carolyne Parent and Alyeska Guillaud, From Rachel is an inspiring Québec success not only for young people wishing to start a business, but also for well-established organizations in the fashion world that want to reinvent themselves.   Photo : AI Creation   Mélanie, Carolyne and Alyeska were friends and colleagues in an organization that helps entrepreneurs write their business plans. It was professional love at first sight, fed by a common will to start their business. Fuelled by a natural passion for the fashion world, Mélanie and her two business partners decided to focus on tights to achieve success!   Before starting their own business, the three young professional ladies thought: “Why do women carry such a love-hate relationship with tights?” “We love to wear them, but they snag at the worst possible moment”. We have to run to the pharmacy to buy a new pair at a good price. That is a consumer statement they experienced on a daily basis. Like many others, they had to settle for classic, albeit irritating solutions: carrying several pairs in their bag, keeping nail polish handy to stop runs, a real hassle!   How could they meet these women’s needs and still be innovative? The answer was offering a higher quality, personalized and trendy product on a regular basis in order for customers to constantly have several pairs on hand and a variety of styles they liked. Making tights trendy and accessible with a simple click on an online store featuring a new experience: that was the promise made by From Rachel.   A Virtual Friend With Style An idea then started to take shape in their minds and evolved into a reality that radically transformed their lives. Fashion lover Mélanie found the ideal partners in Carolyne, e-commerce specialist, and Alyeska, operations manager. They decided to stake everything on e-commerce but had to face an important challenge: how could they bring the human contact and warmth found in retail to the online experience? The three young women decided their organization needed a face to appeal to their customers.   From that desire was born From Rachel. As Mélanie would say: “Rachel is our customers’ friend. She selects the tights to include in the chests and ships them.” She is a virtual friend with style, and she breaks with the coldness of the e-commerce experience.     Subscription boxes, a simple, well-functioning and increasingly popular business model, has allowed them to focus first and foremost on the person behind the screen and her needs. Thanks to the customization of her online profile based on her style and her clothing habits, the customer can create a personalized subscription allowing Rachel to send her, on a regular basis, fashionable tights corresponding to her personal style and lifestyle. “It is as if the customer is chatting with Rachel and telling her about her tastes, her wishes, her desires.” Of course, she can review her selections at any time since Rachel is always listening and ready to evolve alongside her!   Wearing Quality, But With a Little Extra Something Finding a niche in the field of tights where old players have been involved for eons has not been easy for these new entrepreneurs committed to revolutionize that product, their way. Quality is of the utmost importance in marketing tights. Not surprisingly, Mélanie and her partners relied on manufacturers in Italy, the Mecca of tights, which supplies 70% of global production.   Since they wished to support local workers, they also forged ties with a tight manufacturer in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu to cleverly blend local and international supply without compromising quality and profitability.     But despite the best quality, sooner or later a pair of tights will snag. In that case, how will the organization stand out among others out there? According to Mélanie, once you are sure you have a quality product, you need to go the extra mile and find new features that will set the product apart from the others. That is exactly what they did for tights by making them attractive, cool and inspiring in the eyes of younger people while tickling the curiosity of the regulars. The image and the marketing strategy must transcend the product for success to happen.     A Strong Image For a Strong Woman From Alyeska’s basement to business incubators and to their new offices on Casgrain, Rachel and her friends have come a long way in recent years, also thanks to an analytical approach focused on the customer. After a few tests and solicitation on social networks to get direct feedback about their brand, Mélanie, Carolyne and Alyeska have concluded that a beautiful and inspiring visual design, a well-thought packaging and a friendly approach were the best way to make their customers feel confident and have them adopt the brand.       According to Mélanie, conversing with customers has allowed From Rachel to cut to the chase and meet real needs in addition to building a strong brand with which the customer can identify. Rachel is strong, bold and stylish, just like the woman wearing the tights contained in her chest.     From Rachel In Québec, we live between two cultures, French and English. An organization has the responsibility to speak to audiences according to the appropriate cultural reference codes. Mélanie tells us the decision was not easy when they were looking for a way to translate Le Coffret de Rachel in English. Because of the weird way the name sounded in English, the three friends decided to simply use From Rachel to hit the English market.   The feeling of sharing something with a friend, the customer, is still present in both languages. Looking back, Mélanie admits she would do it differently and opt for a single name in both languages. Similarly, the organization proudly displays Made in Québec, Canada to showcase that cultural ambivalence which bears witness to our unique identity.     If You Want To Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want To Go Far, Go Together. Mélanie, Carolyne and Alyeska are actively involved in the Industry Image, Innovation and Export working group committees of the mmode Cluster to use their expertise to serve the industry.   “From Rachel is still a young organization. Joining the mmode Cluster and being around Québec fashion industry leaders is a unique opportunity to interact and grow. These large organizations can benefit as much as we do from these interactions because they are connecting with a start-up mindset like ours that is not necessarily part of their DNA.” – Mélanie Heyberger   ______________________________   FROM RACHEL   Activities :                      Tights, fashion accessories Headquarters :               Montreal Foundation :                   2014 Founders :                       Mélanie Heyberger, Carolyne Parent, Alyeska Guillaud Points of sale :                10 + online sales Market :                            Canada Number of employees :   7     Thanks to the precious contribution of Ville de Montréal, the mmode Cluster commissioned Dario Bivona to conduct a series of interviews with entrepreneurs from the Montréal fashion industry.

Newsletter of July 6 2018

Read the Newsletter of July 6 2018: New! Introducing the "mmode reçoit..." events...         NEWSLETTER 07 | 06 | 2018     HEADLINES | mmode #mtlstyle The #mtlstyle image campaign is under preparation and the first activations are expected by the end of summer 2018. By then, discover the unique looks of Montrealers, photographed and questioned about their personal styles in recent months by our creative partner Sid Lee. Stay tuned for the campaign's official launch date and do not forget to use the hashtag! SEE MORE #mtlstyle   New! Introducing the "mmode reçoit..." events On July 3rd, mmode was pleased to receive Marilyn Bastien, a Cégep Marie-Victorin graduate and designer at Paul Smith in London. More than 20 members and fashion students joined us to hear about her impressive and inspiring career in the British luxury industry, during an exchange led by Mona-Lisa Prosper and Noëllly Sam (Fashion Unfold). Following the success of this event, the mmode team launches mmode reçoit... a networking event featuring a special guest, to be held every 4 to 6 weeks, and accessible to mmode members, students, teachers and fashion enthusiasts! Workshop on short and professional training In order to ensure closer collaboration between training institutions and manufacturing companies in the Montréal area, the mmode Cluster, through its Human Resources Working Group, has brought together representatives of Peerless Clothing, Les Confections Stroma and Tricots Maxime, as well as the Compétences 2000 Training Center (CSDL), the École des Métiers des Faubourgs (CSDM), the CSMO Textile and VestechPro. Peerless Clothing, a building partner of mmode, welcomed the group on Friday, June 29th, to discuss the various training programs available to improve the training-employment match in the fashion industry.   HEADLINES | industry Ottawa consacre 25M$ par année pour soutenir l'exportation de la créativité Les Affaires | June 26, 2018 MARIGOLD par Marilyne Baril coming soon to Simons @marigoldclothingbymarilynebaril | June 26, 2018 Acquisition stratégique pour Louis Garneau Le Soleil | June 27, 2018 Virgil Abloh’s “CUTTING ROOM FLOOR” Exhibition Highsnobiety | July 2, 2018 MORE NEWS   NEW MEMBER The mmode Cluster is proud to welcome its latest Education & Research Partner, Collège Durocher Saint-Lambert. CDSL, a private secondary school, is currently working on many innovative projects, some of which are geared towards clothing and textiles.   UPCOMING EVENTS An evening of flair & luxury Scarzza July 12, 2018 Bar George African Fashion Week Montreal 2018 Luxure Production LTD. July 21, 2018 Le Livart POP UP JACKALOPE Tribu Expérientiel August 17 to 19, 2018 Esplanade Financière Sun Life du Parc olympique Festival Mode & Design 2018 Groupe Sensation Mode August 20 to 25, 2018 Quartier des spectacles Trade Mission in Paris mmode Cluster November 13 to 16, 2018 Residence of the Canadian Ambassador to Paris BALENCIAGA, Master of Couture McCord Museum Until November 14, 2018 McCord Museum ALL EVENTS   THANKS TO OUR PARTNERS! ALL PARTNERS  

Newsletter of June 21 2018

Read the Newsletter of June 6 2018: A success for the inter-cluster mission in London...             NEWSLETTER 06 | 21 | 2018     INVITATION | mmode mmode Breakfast Meet & Greet on Tuesday, July 3rd The mmode Cluster is pleased to invite you to a meet & greet that will be held on July 3, from 8 AM to 9:15 AM, at our downtown office. On this occasion we will have the honor to host and exchange with a Cégep Marie-Victorin graduate, Marilyn Bastien, now designer for the famous English company Paul Smith. Book your place on Eventbrite now; places are very limited and reserved for mmode members! Not a member yet? Click here. Trade mission in Paris in November 2018 The mmode Cluster is organizing a trade mission in Paris from November 13 to 16, 2018, in collaboration with Global Affairs Canada and the Canadian Embassy in Paris. A highlight on our schedule : an exclusive reception bringing together close to 200 distinguished guests from the French fashion ecosystem to meet our Quebec-based companies at the official residence of the Canadian Ambassador to France, Mrs. Isabelle Hudon. Click here for more details and to express your interest by filling out the form before Wednesday, June 27th.   HEADLINES | mmode A look back on the last Export Working Group meeting Following the presentation of a guest speaker from EDC, the postmortem of the 2018 MAGIC Las Vegas mission was presented to the members of the working committee. The Working Group made the recommendation to renew the initiative for the February 2019 edition and this proposal was accepted by mmode's Board in early June. The organizing committee will be set up in the coming weeks. A success for the inter-cluster mission in London! From June 13th to 16th, the TechnoMontréal and mmode clusters led an opportunity mission in London as part of the London Tech Week. The participating companies have not only met their objectives, but the success of the initiative is such that the formation of an inter-cluster committee focusing on FashionTech and RetailTech is already in evaluation. Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to get involved. We would like to thank our participating members as well as our partners, Montréal International and the British Consulate-General in Montreal, who contributed to the success of the mission.   HEADLINES | industry Un logiciel pour trouver des vêtements à sa taille La Presse | June 6, 2018 À la une: la Vie en Rose se prépare au pire et s’attend au meilleur Les Affaires | June 16, 2018 Ardene Signs Exclusive Partnership with Kendall & Kylie Brand Retail Insider | June 20, 2018 Roxy Earle and Le Château partner up Breakfast Television | June 20, 2018 MORE NEWS   OPPORTUNITIES | recruitment events The National Job Fair October 11-12 | Place Bonaventure National Career Event October 24-25 | Palais des congrès de Montréal     OPPORTUNITIES | call for entries Curated Canadian Collections event at London Fashion Week Deadline : June 27th A Toronto Fashion Incubator initiative Buyer Hosting in Montréal during Festival Mode & Design Registration will open soon An Export Québec initiative   NEW MEMBERS Louve Montréal OMsignal Coton Vanille Atelier HOTELMOTEL   UPCOMING EVENTS mmode Breakfast Meet & Greet mmode Cluster July 3, 2018 mmode's office Festival Mode & Design 2018 Groupe Sensation Mode August 20 to 25, 2018 Quartier des spectacles Trade Mission in Paris mmode Cluster November 13 to 16, 2018 Residence of the Canadian Ambassador to Paris BALENCIAGA, Master of Couture McCord Museum Until November 14, 2018 McCord Museum ALL EVENTS   THANKS TO OUR PARTNERS! ALL PARTNERS  

C2 Montréal takes brainstorming to new heights |Montreal Gazette| May 23rd 2018

“It’s not just because it’s cool, it’s because when you have a brainstorm 50 feet up in the air, the results are actually different,” says C2 president Richard St-Pierre. GRAHAM HUGHES / MONTREAL GAZETTE Richard St-Pierre wants to make people a little uncomfortable. That, says the president of C2, helps ignite the “little spark” of creativity.  “If you bring people to the limit of their comfort zone, something new will emerge,” St-Pierre said. Now in its seventh year, C2 Montréal, the business conference created by advertising agency Sid Lee and the Cirque du Soleil, has become known for its “labs” — participative activities, like business meetings held on chairs that are suspended 50 feet in the air, designed to put people in a new environment and encourage them to talk about it with other participants.  “It’s not just because it’s cool, it’s because when you have a brainstorm 50 feet up in the air, the results are actually different,” St-Pierre said. One thing he looks for when choosing new labs for the year is an element of risk. “If it doesn’t scare me a little bit, it’s not bold enough,” he said. C2 Montréal, which begins May 23, comes as C2 is in expansion mode. In late November and early December, the first C2-branded conference outside Montreal was held in Melbourne, Australia. The Melbourne Convention Centre is also now home to a permanent C2 meeting space, as is the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal. It’s just the beginning. “Our goal is to have a C2 event on every continent within the next three years,” St-Pierre said. “It’s not just because it’s cool, it’s because when you have a brainstorm 50 feet up in the air, the results are actually different,” says C2 president Richard St-Pierre. ALLEN MCINNIS / MONTREAL GAZETTE FILES During the past year, C2 has also organized more than 20 conferences around the world for corporations — events like Movin’On, a Michelin-sponsored sustainable mobility conference in Montreal. Its second edition begins at the end of May. There’s a demand, St-Pierre said, for C2’s approach to the business conference. “If you look at a normal conference, everything happens on stage and we’re in a room and it’s a dark place and we listen to what’s happening. That’s called a monologue. We want to create dialogues,” St-Pierre said. A study conducted by the Events Industry Council, a Washington, D.C.-based organization that represents 33 industry groups around the world, found that the number of conferences in the United States grew by five per cent between 2014 and 2018 to 1.9 million. That does have conference organizers concerned about “conference fatigue.” “It’s certainly a crowded space,” said Karen Kotowski, the CEO of the Events Industry Council. “But competition pushes event and meeting planners to creatively look for ways to differentiate their event from others while offering a value proposition that is unique to their own.” And as the number of conferences grows, the number of people attending conferences is also rising, she said. One thing that can set a conference apart in a crowded market is the quality of networking opportunities, she said. Philip Barrar, the founder and CEO of Mylo, a Montreal-based startup that makes an app aimed at helping young people invest, first went to C2 in 2016 as part of an “emerging entrepreneurs” program. He expected to see some interesting speakers and planned to take some notes. “What I got out of it was something completely different,” Barrar said. “You have the opportunity to book an impromptu meeting with people whose agendas are typically booked three months in advance and you can do so in a creative, collaborative environment where people are open to new ideas and giving you constructive feedback.” Barrar, who went back to the event last year and plans to go again this year, said he didn’t make any deals at C2 itself. Instead, he started building relationships at the event that would later benefit his business.  That sort of networking is a big part of C2’s economic benefit for Montreal, said St-Pierre. “Business deals aren’t signed between two corporations, they’re signed by two people,” he said. A survey commissioned by C2, conducted by professional services firm PwC six months after the event, found that deals made as a result of the conference created 1,800 jobs in the Montreal region last year, with about one in five local companies who sent representatives to the event seeing a direct benefit. A big part of that is the large percentage of participants who come from outside the country — 42 per cent of the approximately 6,500 people who attended the event last year were from outside Canada, with 61 countries represented. This year, St-Pierre said, cabinet ministers from Estonia and the United Arab Emirates, as well as the governor of the Australian State of Victoria, are expected to attend. “Never in a million years would they have come and visited Montreal were it not for C2,” he said. “It’s like a reverse trade mission.” Stéphane Paquet, the vice-president of Foreign Investments and International Organizations at Montréal International, the economic development agency responsible for promoting Montreal internationally, said events like C2 are an opportunity to introduce people to the city and to the “ecosystems” in different sectors. “People don’t look at a map and say, ‘I’m going to invest there, because there’s a river, there’s an island, it looks nice,’ no. They go there and they want to do business with people, with an ecosystem, and this is a great moment to introduce people to Montreal’s ecosystem,” Paquet said. “Do they invest only because they come to C2? No, it’s way more complicated than that, but C2 was something that made them come to Montreal, that made them have a look at Montreal.” While the participants themselves are big part of how C2 sells itself, the speakers it attracts also play a role. “Name me one conference, whether you talk about Davos, Burning Man, TED or South by Southwest where you have Snoop Dogg, Chelsea Manning, Michael Sabia and Jim Coulter on the same stage,” St-Pierre said. “Impossible.” As C2 expands internationally, the Montreal conference remains its flagship, St-Pierre said.  “Our purpose from the get-go was to make Montreal shine,” he said. “We’re not going anywhere.” Source : http://montrealgazette.com/business/local-business/c2-montreal-takes-brainstorming-to-new-heights

Caisse part of financing deals for La Maison Simons |Benefits Canada| May 30th 2018

  The Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec is joining the Quebec government and Investissement Québec in financing a distribution facility for retailer La Maison Simons. The Caisse’s investment totals $27 million, with $17 million coming from Investissement Québec. In addition, the Quebec government is lending Simons $81 million, $51 million of which is for the purchase of automated equipment. The loan will help the clothing and housewares retailer with order preparation, processing and delivery, noted a press release. In addition to the distribution centre, the financing will enable Simons to overhaul its existing facility to better align with its e-commerce goals. “Digital maturity is part of the criteria we focus on when we invest in a company,” said Christian Dubé, executive vice-president for Quebec at the Caisse, in the release. “Simons, which has transformed and innovated throughout the years, always implemented relevant measures to stay at the forefront of its sector, especially with regard to e-commerce. “By embracing the digital shift at the right time, the company was able to tap into this important market, which now requires it to broaden its facilities. Through our investment, we aim to enable Simons to keep expanding and remain a vanguard of its industry.” The new distribution facility will bring a higher level of automation and integrate robotic and computerized operations, according to Pierre Gabriel Côté, president and chief executive officer of Investissement Québec. “Consequently, Investissement Québec’s decision to join forces with La Maison Simons and its partners was a natural one in order to drive the success of a company that has been deeply rooted in Quebec’s landscape for years,” he said in the release. In other news, the Caisse is also part of a financing round for smart thermostat marker ecobee Inc. On Thursday, ecobee announced it had secured $47 million in funding from the Caisse, AGL Energy Ltd. and the Business Development Bank of Canada. The funding will allow ecobee to continue expanding its roster of smart home technologies. “Through this investment, la Caisse is supporting an innovative company that uses artificial intelligence to improve energy efficiency. With its smart thermostats, ecobee plays a defining role in reducing energy expenses while optimizing comfort,” said Thomas Birch, vice-president of fund management and technologies at the Caisse. “With the emergence of the rapidly growing smart home market, the company is well-positioned to pursue its international expansion plan.” And in a third Caisse-related announcement, its real estate arm, Ivanhoé Cambridge, is collaborating with media and entertainment company Time Out Market to create a new space for dining and entertainment at one of its properties, the Centre Eaton de Montréal. Spanning more than 3,300 square metres, the space will include 16 food offerings, two bars, a demonstration kitchen, a cooking academy, a retail shop and a cultural stage. “We are absolutely thrilled to be collaborating with Time Out Market and to bring this incredibly successful format to Montreal,” said Claude Sirois, president of retail at Ivanhoé Cambridge, in a press release. “Our discerning clientele is always looking for fresh, new and innovative experiences that define the urban character of our properties nestled at the heart of downtown Montreal. “Time Out Market Montréal will be the masterpiece of the Centre Eaton de Montréal’s transformation and will help redefine the urban leisure experience downtown.” Source : https://www.benefitscanada.com/news/caisse-investing-in-quebec-retailers-e-commerce-capabilities-115047

Bonvilain prêt pour l'été |La Presse| May 18th 2018

​​​​​​PHOTO CAMILLE BLACKBURN Fondée en 2013, la marque montréalaise Bonvilain se spécialise en vêtements unisexes de type streetwear. La nouvelle collection estivale, offerte dès maintenant, est composée de pièces au design minimaliste : t-shirts aux couleurs pastel, casquettes, montres, coupe-vent et le désormais classique « hoodie Bonvilain ». Nouveautés cette année : des chemises, ainsi qu'un coton de meilleure qualité et encore plus durable et confortable pour l'ensemble de ses morceaux. Source : http://www.lapresse.ca/vivre/mode/201805/18/01-5182453-bonvilain-pret-pour-lete.php

Investissement de 215 millions de dollars dans la Capitale-Nationale - La Maison Simons accélère sa transformation numérique en implantant un centre multiservice de traitement des commandes hautement automatisé |NEWSWIRE| May 29th 2018

QUÉBEC, le 29 mai 2018 /CNW Telbec/ - Le gouvernement du Québec accorde, par l'entremise du programme ESSOR, un prêt de 81 millions de dollars à La Maison Simons, alors qu'Investissement Québec réalise, à même ses fonds propres, une prise de participation de 17 millions de dollars dans la société sous la forme d'actions privilégiées, afin de soutenir l'implantation d'un centre multiservice de traitement des commandes hautement automatisé dans la région de la Capitale-Nationale. Ce nouveau site, qui ouvrira ses portes au début de 2020 dans l'Espace d'innovation Chauveau, permettra notamment à l'entreprise de renforcer ses activités liées au commerce électronique. La vice-première ministre, ministre de l'Économie, de la Science et de l'Innovation et ministre responsable de la Stratégie numérique, Mme Dominique Anglade, et le ministre de l'Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport et ministre responsable de la région de la Capitale-Nationale, M. Sébastien Proulx, en ont fait l'annonce aujourd'hui. Ce projet, évalué à 215 millions de dollars, permettra de porter à près de 450 le nombre d'emplois assurés par La Maison Simons au nouveau centre multiservice dans l'année suivant le début de ses activités. Le projet vise également à conserver le centre de distribution actuel de l'entreprise afin d'y établir un centre multiusager en commerce électronique pour les entreprises québécoises souhaitant effectuer un virage numérique ou intégrer davantage les technologies numériques et le commerce en ligne à leur modèle d'affaires. À ce propos, une entente de principe a été conclue entre La Maison Simons et le ministère de l'Économie, de la Science et de l'Innovation afin d'instaurer un partenariat d'affaires visant la mise en place, d'ici deux ans, d'un premier centre multiusager en commerce électronique. Citations : « Pour propulser le Québec parmi les sociétés numériques les plus dynamiques du monde, nous devons notamment miser sur la détermination d'entreprises visionnaires qui, comme La Maison Simons, se distinguent par leur savoir-faire et leur volonté de demeurer toujours à l'affût des nouvelles technologies. D'ailleurs, nous sommes fiers d'appuyer cette entreprise dans la réalisation de son projet majeur, lequel rejoint les orientations de la Stratégie numérique du Québec en permettant d'accroître la transformation numérique d'un secteur clé de notre économie, celui du commerce de détail. » Dominique Anglade, vice-première ministre, ministre de l'Économie, de la Science et de l'Innovation et ministre responsable de la Stratégie numérique « Le numérique fait dorénavant partie intégrante de notre quotidien; les entreprises doivent s'adapter à cette nouvelle réalité. La Maison Simons est l'une des entreprises de la région de la Capitale Nationale qui ont bien saisi cet enjeu, et c'est avec beaucoup d'enthousiasme que notre gouvernement s'associe à sa réussite. Le virage numérique est bien entamé dans notre région, et nous devons continuer à soutenir les entreprises innovantes. » Sébastien Proulx, ministre de l'Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport et ministre responsable de la région de la Capitale-Nationale « Le changement de vocation, d'ici deux ans, du centre de distribution actuel permettra, j'en suis convaincu, la création d'un véritable centre multiusager en commerce électronique ici, à Québec. En favorisant la réalisation d'un tel projet, notre gouvernement réitère sa volonté de stimuler davantage la transformation numérique des entreprises de la région et de partout au Québec. » Patrick Huot, député de Vanier-Les Rivières et adjoint parlementaire du ministre responsable de l'Administration gouvernementale et de la Révision permanente des programmes et président du Conseil du trésor « Le projet de La Maison Simons est très innovant. Le nouveau centre de distribution amènera un haut niveau d'automatisation et intégrera des activités robotisées et informatisées. C'était donc tout naturel pour Investissement Québec de s'allier à La Maison Simons, ainsi qu'à ses partenaires, pour assurer le succès d'une entreprise solidement ancrée dans le paysage québécois depuis de nombreuses années. » Pierre Gabriel Côté, président-directeur général d'Investissement Québec « Dans le contexte actuel de cohabitation entre l'économie traditionnelle et numérique, il était devenu absolument nécessaire pour nous de répondre aux besoins de notre clientèle en tenant compte de l'évolution de ses habitudes de magasinage. L'investissement annoncé aujourd'hui nous permettra d'offrir à nos employés un environnement de travail à la fine pointe de la technologie et de leur donner ainsi tous les outils pour accroître leur productivité. Grâce à ce nouveau centre multiservice de traitement des commandes, nous pourrons poursuivre notre croissance et assurer notre pérennité, tout en maintenant des emplois de qualité dans la région de Québec, l'endroit où tout a commencé il y a près de 180 ans. » Peter Simons, président et chef de la direction de La Maison Simons Source : https://www.newswire.ca/fr/news-releases/investissement-de-215-millions-de-dollars-dans-la-capitale-nationale---la-maison-simons-accelere-sa-transformation-numerique-en-implantant-un-centre-multiservice-de-traitement-des-commandes-hautement-automatise-683952611.html