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African Fashion Week Montreal 2018

The concept of African Fashion Week is to promote and support African Talents, History, Art and Culture.

AFWM aspire to become a landmark of talent and diversity in both fashion and culture. AFRICAN FASHION WEEK MONTREAL is an inclusive multi-platform where we celebrate, elevate and give exposure to local talents and businesses, we want to emphasize awareness, celebration, and support the African talents. Our vision is to create a sense of community through inclusion and togetherness between Africans, Caribbean, and Montrealaises and then weave that same community into the fashion industry.

“We feel it is important as a community to empower each other and celebrate together. We at AFWM firmly believe that it will always be Better Together." Those are the words of Gilles Wouanko Director of AFWE & AFWM.

Along with African/Caribbean inspired fashion and designers, AFWM strives to showcase art and culture. Local artists and designers will celebrate, educate and provide a social platform for industry networking, cultural and diversity celebration. Our program is carefully selected to highlight the uniqueness and creativity of Montreal talents, join us in celebrating our 1st edition.