mmode’s Four Working Groups

mmode’s mission is to coordinate and mobilize the grouping of Québec fashion industry players around four main Working Groups with the objective of identifying and implementing concrete solutions to the industry’s top-priority issues.

The Working Groups in brief

  • 100 PLAYERS from all sectors of the industry working towards a common goal
  • 20 to 30 people per committee, participating voluntarily in trimestrial meetings and workshops aimed at finding concrete solutions that will benefit the entire industry

Industry Image

To position Montréal as one of the world’s most renowned fashion cities by rallying industry players around a modern, recognizable image, distinctive to Québec that will be a source of pride.
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Human Resources

Maximize the skills of the sector’s workforce by implementing solutions, programs and initiatives to assist in the development, attraction, recruitment and retention of workers, in keeping with the industry’s current and future needs.
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Help the industry become more innovative by encouraging entrepreneurship, the integration of new technologies and the development of an innovation culture at every level of the companies’ value chain.
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Promote Montreal as a fashion city and stimulate the development of international markets in targeted areas by rallying the industry around impactful and unifying export initiatives and by leveraging digital opportunities.
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