Industry Portrait

Fashion: A key industry for Québec and for Greater Montréal

The fashion industry has a rich history in Montréal’s metropolitan region and throughout Québec, and it generates significant economic activity and employment.

Though the industry has been deeply affected by globalization, it has been able to reinvent itself through new business models and the inclusion of more and more world-class players. It sets itself apart via innovation, inventiveness, design and the know-how of its workforce.

In short, this is an industry whose success, renewal and future rely on innovation, creativity, collaboration and the ability to quickly embrace progress and change.

in Québec’s fashion sector , of which 58% are in the Greater Montréal area**
total sales for manufactured goods, and wholesale distribution in Québec, excluding retail sales***
in the fashion sector across Québec***
Canadian production
Nearly half of Canada’s manufacturing jobs in the fashion industry are in Québec. Montréal ranks 3rd in clothing manufacturing in North America after New York and Los Angeles.***
  • Source:
  • * Including retail
  • ** “Diagnostic des besoins en main-d’œuvre et adéquation formation emploi - Secteur de la mode ”, CEM document, 2017
  • *** “Rapport du groupe de travail mode et vêtement”, 2013
Québec Jobs
Textile mills (SCIAN 313) Jobs 450
Clothing manufacturing (SCIAN 315) Jobs 14,600
Footwear manufacturing (SCIAN 3162) Jobs 1,800
Other leather and allied product manufacturing (SCIAN 3169) Jobs 345
Textile, clothing and footwear merchant wholesalers (SCIAN 4141) Jobs 10,600
Clothing and clothing accessories stores (SCIAN 448) Jobs 38,406
Sporting goods, hobby and musical instrument stores (SCIAN 4511) Jobs 9,400
Department stores (SCIAN 4521) Jobs 6,936
  • Source: "Diagnostic des besoins en main-d’œuvre et adéquation formation emploi - Secteur de la mode " 2017, CEM document

Industry Players

A rich ecosystem composed of many different players contributing to its growth

The Québec fashion industry is composed of an impressive array of companies including the four main pillars: designers, manufacturers and workshops, wholesaler-distributors and agents, and retailers.

Québec fashion is forward-looking and offers a creative and stimulating working environment, as well as attractive career opportunities.

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