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mmode, the Metropolitan Fashion Cluster, is a non-profit organization whose mission is to contribute to improving the competitiveness and growth of Québec’s fashion industry.

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Fashion: A vital part of the Québec economy
Fashion: A vital part of the Québec economy
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Behind the seams: Ebonie, Student - Compétences-2000

« Fashion design is my passion, the knowledge of a seamstress is essential to the realization of my dream; which is to become a fashion designer. »


Ebonie is currently studying the tailor-made fashion and clothing program at Compétences-2000.

Ambitious, passionate and very diligent in everything she does, Ebonie recently had a stimulating and exciting experience as a intern for Marilyne Baril, designer and founder of MARIGOLD Montréal. She was able to confirm her career choice by assisting a successful designer in her daily tasks.

To mark her first steps on the Montréal’s fashion scene, Ebonie and her colleagues will create a tailored jacket for Philippe Laprise as part of a collaboration between Compétences-2000 and the Fédération autonome de l’enseignement.

Geometric drawing, patronage, tailor-made clothing and accessories are just some of the many skills Ebonie has learned in her professional and technical training to prepare her for a promising career in fashion design!

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